Twilight is an entirely unrealistic portray of an imbecilic love story between a human girl and a vampire. Bella Swan, the protagonist, reluctantly moves to forks where she meets Edward Cullen who is a vampire. Both of them are drawn towards each other and eventually fall in love. Edward is over 100 years old and survives on an animal blood diet along with the other members of his vampire family.

The novel treats the subject of sexuality with wisdom as it indirectly encourages morality. Other than that there are many facets of the narrative which annoy its mature readers. Accounting to its ludicrous exhibition of romance, particularly instances where the hero climbs up to heroine’s bedroom every night to watch her asleep or sparkles when exposed to the sun gives enough food for humour to its readers. The protagonist is also shown to be a dull, love struck girl who has no inspiration, dreams, ambitions, except getting dazzled by the good looks of her vampire boyfriend every time she sees him. Critics and reviewers all over the world consider it to be one of the most overrated novels ever; censuring it for preaching such flapdoodle to young impressionable minds. It won’t be incorrect to say that most of its fan following comes from teenage girls who dream of falling in love with someone as gorgeous, beautiful and out of the ordinary as the myth like hero, Edward Cullen.

It is not surprising that review sites are packed with parodies and spoofs of twilight saga where reviewers ridicule the antics of Meyer’s narrative. Yet, one could still enjoy twilight books for their unintentional humour, if not for the intended romance.

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