The Hunger Games

Relentless and barbaric, Hunger Games is a story that has a potential to evoke emotions of any age group. The story is set up in a post apocalyptic world. It tells a tale of twenty four children who are sent in a jungle to play a game of legal homicide by the despicable government; the game of survival, but survival for them means to kill the others. The bloodbath is shown by the media to the people of 12 districts to which the children belong who watch and take pleasure of this savageness, except the poor parents who watch their kids being slaughtered in horror.

The treatment of the story is exceptional; it is fast paced, action-packed and keeps the readers thrilled till the very last page. Collin also steps aside from the archetypal while shaping her characters. Katniss Everdeen, the protagonist is a unique character. Unlike the other female heroines; she exhibits rare valiance. She is a fast runner, an extraordinary shooter and a winner in all respects. Not to be forgotten is Peeta, a warm and compassionate hero who is skilful at camouflage. A minor but memorable character is Rue, a little girl who becomes friends with Katniss. She reminds Katniss of Prim, the latter’s younger sister.

This is not all; the fantastic plot and striking display of imagery makes it really hard for the readers to put the book down once the games start. Every moment is a threat for the ones who are still alive and only one will emerge out to be the winner; while the rest will lose everything.
Without any doubt, the story leaves its readers astound and wanting for more. Accounting to its bizarre plot; saying that it’s a good page turner is an understatement, yet somewhere it lacks compassion. The brutality shown becomes so poignant at places that it is hard to relate to this story or to imagine being a part of it. Certainly a onetime read for people who become squeamish by watching excessive violence but for action lovers it might just be the book you were dreaming to read one day.

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