Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone

My unintentional Harry Potter venture started on a quiet summer afternoon of the year 2007. There I was standing in an underpass selecting the genre I loved most at that time, mystery/thrillers. The small vendor was willing to sell his old books at much cheaper rates. I saw this book lying there and contemplated for 2 minutes whether I will like this witchy voodoo fantasy? (I had caught glimpses of its movies where I saw big spiders, flying cars and people in peculiar robes and pointed hats) And some other questions sprang up too; why is this book so hyped? What is so special about it that people stand in long queues on the day of its release? There was only one way to find out and I decided to purchase it.

Once I brought it at home, I conveniently ignored it for the other novels I bought the same day. Months later when my semester exams finished, free from any other burden I picked up this book and started reading. After reading only a couple of chapters I decided what a good decision I made at the book vendor’s. With every page my interest increased. The novel gripped me more and more and I was engrossed in the fairy world of speaking hats, flying brooms, talking ghosts, 3 headed dog, outlandish creatures and magic. Yes, it was a magical narration by Ms. Rowling. Harry a boy who was ill-treated by his foolish aunt uncle and Cousin Dudley; suddenly found himself to be the hero of wizarding world on his 11th birthday. At Hogwarts, the school of witchcraft and wizardry, he encounters many other bizarre things and lands himself into many dangerous situations. It took an invincible combo of dauntless courage and sheer luck to save him from the jaws of merciless lord Voldemort. This unusually captivating plot had a potential of becoming once in a life time read for fiction lovers all over the world and it did for countless children and adults as well.

Another unforgettable aspect of this extraordinary narrative is the splendid characterization. Harry’s best friend Ron Weasley, a boy who belongs to a poor family, is loyal and amiable. He and Harry become friends from the moment they start talking; Hermione Granger, the infamous know it all, proud but kind at heart. The funny twins, Fred and George, the little bit crazy Master Wizard Albus Dumbledore, even animals have been described in a most captivating manner Mrs Norris, Headwig, Boa constrictor. One can’t help adoring this exceptionally exciting tale. It’s been 4 years since I read this book for the first time, I must confess this is the only book I cared to read several times except other Potter books ofcourse, not only do I treasure that old copy of Sorcerer’s Stone but I am amazed at how I pester my close friends to read it. Harry Potter Saga is a wonderful thing to have happened to me and it all started with this first book of the collection. I will always love it and will tell the world that it’s the story of a boy who lived.

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