Angels and Demons

For me, Dan Brown is an author who stands apart from the rest of the renowned mystery and thriller writers. No matter what people say about him using hoax information to portray Catholics in a negative light or making up stuff from his dreams, all I have known is that he can come up with extraordinary content in his books to keep the readers on tenterhook. So far I have read both Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons. Out of the two, I was more fascinated by Angels and Demons; Da Vinci being a dragging read at many places for my taste.

Angels and Demons, ofcourse, starts off with his infamous style – a barbaric murder takes place, followed by the entry of Brown’s suave protagonist Mr Langdon, the famous Harvard symbologist who wakes up on the call of Director General of CERN Maximilian Kohler and sees a symbol of ILLUMINATI branded on a naked murdered man’s chest in his fax, stunned by the picture he travels to CERN’s headquarters and finds himself amidst a perfect mystery accompanied by physicist Vittoria Vetra; the daughter of the dead scientist Leonardo Vetra.

The symbols, cryptology, interwoven themes of Science and Catholics, Bernini, Galileo, antimatter and murders in bizarre styles; all of these not only draws the reader’s attention but steals it. A very fine example of Brown’s extra ordinary narrative appears with the savage assassination of Cardinal Guidera, chilling in its brutality and shaking the readers to their very core. One other thing which I loved is that it’s a 600 page novel, but you wouldn’t see yourself checking the number of pages left at any point.

I smell a good fiction when I see one, and this one is great so I am not bothered if Mr X or Mr Y thinks that it’s not an authenticated content. If you are looking for a good page turner then yes, this book is definitely recommended.

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